Id like to customise my Stable or Shelter, is that possible ?

Yes, we manufacture everything to order, so custom design and specifications are no problem at all.

Where does the timber come from ?

Much of our timber comes from Scandinavia, known for its quality slow grown forests. We also insist on sustainable timber from FSC sources.

Do all the fixings come with the building ?

Yes, All the fixings required to build your stable or shelter come included in the price.

Do I need to anchor my mobile building down?

The buildings are very heavy, but we always recommend using suitable ground anchors to secure your building to the ground.

Do you deliver to...?

Probably Yes!
Being centrally located, we deliver nationwide throughout England, Scotland and Wales. You’ll find our Stables from the Highlands of Scotland to the very tip of Cornwall.

Do you use galvanised or painted steel skids on your mobile buildings ?

If you’re going for the steel skid option they will be Hot Dip Galvanised to ensure the longest life possible.

How long does delivery take?

We try to keep lead times down to no more than a couple of weeks, but at peak times this can be longer. If you need a stable or shelter urgently, we can normally accommodate this.

What kind of base do i need?

Mobile buildings only need a level field. Fixed buildings need a concrete base with a course of engineering bricks. We are able to supply layout drawings for your order.

How much does delivery cost?

We try to keep delivery costs to an absolute minimum. Please contact us for a delivery quote.

What type of timber do you use?

We use sustainably sourced timber from FSC certified suppliers and sawmills.  All Cladding and framing timber is Pressure treated to provide maximum service life.

Can I have an extra door and window in the back?

Absolutely. All buildings are fully customisable to your requirements. Get in touch to discus your design ideas.