Genuine Onduline Roofing Sheets

onduline sheets for stable & field shelter roofs

 Roofing Sheets

We can supply genuine Onduline roofing sheets separate from a building. Great for replacing the roofing sheets on an existing building. We supply only genuine Onduline sheets, which far outlast other imitations.

Manufactured from bitumen-saturated organic fibres, it is a tough yet flexible and lightweight roofing sheet  Available in four environmentally sensitive colours, giving an attractive finish and long life at an economical price, BBA-approved. An ideal replacement for corrugated, asbestos or felt pitched roofs. Suitable for coastal or corrosive environments Onduline roofing withstands high wind forces.


Replacement Stable Roofs

Onduline is the perfect product for re-roofing old Stables and Field Shelters. Its Lightweight design limits the total weight of your replacement roof.
Also available from the same manufacturer are Bardoline Felt Shingles and Onduvilla Tile Effect Sheets, which can give your Mobile Field Shelter or Stable a new lease of life.

Onduline for Renovating Old Buildings

Ideal for renovating old buildings, especially where the roof timbers are old and uneven.
At only 6.3 kg per sheet, Onduline sheets are lightweight. It puts minimum stress on roof timbers. It is therefore ideal for lightweight pitched roof structures and over-sheeting, deteriorating corrugated roofing, and damaged mineral felt roof coverings.

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We Guarantee to be the lowest price anywhere for replacement Onduline Roofing sheets, Bardoline Roofing Shingles, Onduvilla Tile Effect or Accessories

We guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote.

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